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KING WHALE Unveils New Design and Size

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KING WHALE new design and sizes with Thailand's Fertilizer Sale Regulations

KING WHALE, a fertilizer and plant nutrient product, was launched and became available in April 2023, offering Thai farmers an effective and advanced alternative comparable to international products. Particularly in the cultivation of hemp—a high-energy-demanding plant—local Thai farmers often rely on imported and expensive fertilizers. Recognizing this challenge, KING WHALE introduced its fertilizer solution aimed at simplifying the cultivation process. Featuring pH Perfect technology, which remains stable for up to 30 days, it not only facilitates easier and more accurate planting but also significantly reduces fertilizer costs for local growers. Conceived and manufactured in Thailand by Thais, KING WHALE has since received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients and farms nationwide, prompting subsequent innovations and updates.

KING WHALE consulted with legal experts and farms across the country and identified that the design and size of some of their products on sale could not cater to the standards of certain types of farms. Not resting on this issue, KING WHALE innovated a new product design and size that fully aligns with the national fertilizer sale regulations. These changes also meet the standards of all farm types. In addition, they have incorporated a usage schedule into the product to enhance convenience for all customers.

KING WHALE has made modifications, introducing new sizes of 250 grams and 1 kilogram for primary nutrient products (EldeX, CoreX & FloreX) and supplemental nutrients (Aurora & Terra). For Mira (pH Up+Silica), we've transitioned to a 1-liter container to offer greater convenience to our users. The 2.5-kilogram size will feature primary nutrients (EldeX, CoreX & FloreX). These changes aren't limited to just product design and size modifications; we've also introduced innovative products like OXY ROOT, a solution designed for cleaning residue inside tubes and planting materials. This aims to enhance the cleanliness and efficiency of cultivation, especially when used in conjunction with other KING WHALE formulas.

Major changes at KING WHALE are imminent. We are initiating adjustments to the design and size of our entire product line, while ensuring that the efficiency and technology of our products remain consistent. Moreover, we've revised the pricing of the new product sizes to better match their value, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality products that offer great value for their cost.

KING WHALE would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our customers for placing your trust in our products. We genuinely hope that our products will be a part of your success. If any customers have questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out to us at ☎️ 02 227 0053.

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