Ultra-Precision 0.01 x 300g Pocket Digital Scale (KING WHALE)

the Pocket Digital Scale: a compact, high-precision weighing solution with a 0.01-300g capacity, perfect for measuring small items on-the-go.

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Features & Compatibility

Ultra-Precision 0.01 x 300g Pocket Digital Scale (KING WHALE)
For household use only, not for commercial weighing purposes.

The Pocket Digital Scale 0.01 x 300g is a sleek, lightweight, and portable weighing device designed for ultimate convenience and accuracy. With its high-precision sensor system, this scale delivers accurate measurements ranging from 0.01g to 300g. The clear, backlit LCD display allows for easy readability, while the tare function ensures precise weighing of items without container weight. This versatile scale is perfect for weighing fertilizer, jewelry, gemstones, coins, herbs, and more. Its compact design and durable build make it an essential tool for hobbyists, collectors, and anyone in need of precise, on-the-go measurements.

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