Junior Aeroponics x King Whale: Successful in Cultivation.

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"King Whale" is not just a brand that offers the best quality fertilizers, but we also serve as consultants and partners in supporting your farm to achieve its highest quality yield goals. We have a professional team that provides consultation and continuously visits our customers. , "Junior Aeroponics Farm" is one of the farms that turned to use "King Whale" fertilizer with the aim of cultivating CBD cannabis plants for extraction into Medical Grade medicine using Aeroponic techniques.

The Aeroponic technique, or Aeroponics, involves cultivating without soil, but by spraying water combined with nutrients directly onto the plant roots that hang in the air. This allows plants to absorb nutrients optimally and also effectively prevents soil-borne diseases. Moreover, it helps conserve water usage and allows cultivation in limited spaces.

Farms that use the Aeroponic system in Thailand face challenges both in terms of cannabis having high nutrient demands (being a high-energy plant) and the need to consistently control the pH level of the water within the desired range for the plant. A key factor in business is the ability to produce high yields without high costs, and using fertilizers that are reasonably priced and fully meet the needs of the plants.

Interview with Mr. Wat, the owner of the cannabis farm.

Mr. Wat: "Our farm focuses on cultivating high-quality CBD flowers that are free from contaminants and residual heavy metals. This is to facilitate the extraction of key compounds and develop efficient end-user products. However, the problem we've encountered is that many fertilizer brands we've tried from past experiences don't allow the plants to grow and develop in the way we desire. For this reason, we are looking for high-quality Thai fertilizers."

"When I heard about the 'King Whale' fertilizer, I was interested and decided to test it on our farm. We divided our cultivation into 3 rows, where 2 rows used our old fertilizer and 1 row was tested with 'King Whale' fertilizer. The results showed that the plants that received 'King Whale' fertilizer had noticeably better growth, as evidenced by their development and vitality."

"Our team, which consists of 'growers', everyone noticed and felt this difference. It left everyone impressed."

"Mr. Watchar also took us to see the pH value recordings resulting from fertilizer usage. Impressively, the plants that were given 'King Whale' fertilizer maintained a stable pH value, with no changes over a period of 3 weeks. This is something hard to find in other fertilizer brands."

Mr. Wat concluded, "We have never encountered a fertilizer as effective as King Whale before."

King Whale fertilizer test results

For the rows that used the "King Whale" fertilizer, the results in the third week were quite remarkable and impressive. With an EC value of 2.8, we found that the plants grew rapidly. Moreover, the lateral branches grew so quickly that we had to trim some of them off. Interestingly, not only were the roots long, branched, and clustered at the bottom of the pot, but they were also bright white and appeared to be very healthy. What sets King Whale apart is that there's no need to constantly adjust the pH level, which means this fertilizer is perfect for use.

Imported fertilizer test results

MG 3690

For the row using imported fertilizer, observations in the 3rd week at an EC value of 1.8 showed several issues, such as the edges of the leaves beginning to burn, leaves being small and dark in color, and the lateral branches showing no growth at all. Furthermore, there were issues regarding the roots not developing well. The roots were very few in number and had a brown color, which is an indication of problems in the cultivation system. If the situation continues as described, slime may form on the roots, which can be harmful to the plants. The roots haven't reached the bottom of the pot, indicating incomplete growth. To address the aforementioned problems, we chose to switch to using "King Whale" fertilizer. After just two days, we expect to see improved results in the near future.

For farmers who are looking for high-quality fertilizers, King Whale is an excellent choice. Not only is it of great quality, but it's also priced in a way that allows farmers to effectively control costs. Moreover, they have a team that supports and assists farmers at all times. If you have questions or need advice about fertilizers, you can contact King Whale at phone number 02-227-0053 or via email at [email protected]

And we would also like to thank "Junior Aeroponics Far" for placing their trust in King Whale products. We appreciate this positive experience.

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