If you want to grow as fast as possible, the pH value must be controlled and kept constant all the time.

When planting, if you start seriously, the important thing to consider is the pH value, whether it’s the water we use to water the trees, the planting material, or Hydroponics.
Because plants absorb nutrients through their roots, and if the pH is not in the appropriate range all the time, it will prevent the plant from fully absorbing nutrients.

Plants require a pH value between 5.5 – 6.5 only. So, which value is the most suitable? From my long experience of planting, if the pH
is between 5.5 – 6.5, about 90% of the time there will be no problem. Only certain species prefer acidity or alkalinity specifically. We might use 5.6 for trees that prefer acidity.
And 6.4 for plants that especially prefer alkalinity.

Adjusting the pH may seem easy, but it’s not. If we grow with hydroponics, we can monitor the pH value all the time to see how much it changes, and most of the time, we will have to use pH Down.
Or use a pH down in large quantities because it needs to be adjusted all the time, every day. And most pH Down is made from Nitric acid (N) or Phosphoric acid (P), which gradually distorts the NPK fertilizer ratio in our planting tank, causing us to have to change the water in the system more frequently.

“If we plant in soil or planting material, normally, the standard planting material already has a neutral pH value. All that’s left is for us to control it with the water we use for watering and the fertilizer we use. If we water with or use a fertilizer with a pH of 5.8 every day
Our grow media/material will gradually absorb and change the pH value in the root area to 5.8 by itself. In this regard, we should test our fertilizer in two ways. 1. Mix the fertilizer and leave it overnight in a water tank, then measure the value the next day. We will see how much the pH value of the fertilizer we adjusted has deviated. Method 2 Measure the runoff from the water flowing out from the bottom of the pot, then measure the pH value of the water
flowing out from the bottom of the pot will be close to the pH value in our soil

King Whale fertilizer can easily solve these problems with the auto perfect pH technology that’s in the fertilizer. It will automatically adjust the pH value of the water, no matter what the pH value of the water is.
After mixing with the fertilizer, the pH value will automatically be between 5.5-6.5, all the time, 24/7, allowing the trees to receive nutrients at all times. We tested this technology in a Hydroponic tank for a month, adding only plain water when it started to dry up. The pH value did not change from the first day of mixing until day 30. This means that we no longer need to use pH down/up in planting. The trees receive full nutrients all the time, eliminating worries and concerns about having to adjust the pH value.

pH value over day

If it is grow media/material or soil, King Whale will also help adjust the pH of the material. No matter what the pH value of the planting material is, the fertilizer will automatically adjust it to be suitable. We are the first and only ones in Thailand who can do this. Using King Whale is simple, just mix CoreX/EldeX/FloreX or Micro/Grow/Bloom in a 1:1:1 ratio as the main fertilizer. Just by doing this, the pH value will automatically remain stable for a long 30 days, immediately.

“In this article, I dare to guarantee again that, with my extensive planting experience, I have never seen any fertilizer that can provide such a long-lasting stable pH value. This is a new planting experience where we don’t have to worry about pH values or too high EC quantities because the fertilizer itself can accommodate EC3.0+. No matter how you plant, there’s no way the fertilizer will exceed its limit. If you’re growing, or using high-energy plants, you can water them every day. But if we’re planting vegetables, using King Whale 2-3 times a month will surely make our garden plants much more beautiful than before.

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