pH Auto Perfect®
Baseline Nutrients
with TRI-Nitrogen®

pH Auto Perfect® Baseline Nutrients maintains pH and keeps them stable for 30 days

pH Auto Perfect® technology ensures you never have to worry about pH levels again. King Whale pH Auto Perfect® Baseline Nutrients adjusts and maintains pH levels between 5.5 and 6.3 consistently and for an extended period. This allows your plants to receive essential nutrients continuously and absorb them fully. The result is stronger, healthier growth than ever before.

Whether you're growing with coconut coir (Co-Co) or Rockwool, it's not a problem because Baseline Nutrients come with up to 17% instantly absorbable calcium and over 12 types of secondary nutrients (TE).


With three types of nitrogen and no urea, King Whale Baseline Nutrients can be used with any growing medium without issues. It ensures that hydroponic or aeroponic systems remain unclogged and efficient.

We are confident in the quality of our products, and King Whale proudly guarantees it. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality. We stand fully behind our products, proven across the country.

Enhance Fruit Quality and Flavor
and Enhance Terpene Aroma

During the flowering and fruiting stage, use Aurora PK Booster Plus L-Amino Blend for enhancement. As you know, amino acids are the building blocks for all cell creation, from plants to humans. Multi L-Amino is the form of amino acids that plants can absorb the fastest, resulting in firmer and higher-quality fruits. You can see the results with your own eyes.

Aurora enhances the alluring aroma and taste, which are as important as size and color when it comes to growing quality fruit. In fact, flavor and fragrance are the essence of quality, and these are what your consumers will remember and talk about later!

Finish with the fruit color fading technique to make it even better with FLO FADE, which reduces excess nitrogen and enhances color clarity within one week before harvest. It also intensifies the flavor of flowers and fruits.

Strengthen the stalk
And balance the pH level.

Give your plants the nutrients they need to truly strengthen while balancing the pH to your desired level with solutions suitable for any situation: MIRA UP and MIRA DOWN.

Both products contain silica in different forms to meet various needs. Silica enhances strength from roots to leaves, making leaves and stems thicker and roots stronger. If you are growing plants with trichomes, silica will help protect and strengthen the trichomes, making them more robust and dense.

Increase the strength of fruits, stems, and leaves. Imagine large fruits with stems strong enough to support them. The fruit's skin will be protected by silica, making it more resistant to heat, insects, and fungi.

Recharged from
Natural Sources

Potassium Humate (Humic & Fulvic) improves soil structure and nutrient absorption, stimulating root growth and overall plant health. Alfalfa Meal, rich in nitrogen and trace elements, promotes vigorous growth and soil fertility. Extract from brown seaweed, full of minerals and enzymes, boosts plant growth, root development, and stress resistance. Vitamins B1 & B2 are crucial for plant metabolism, aiding root development, energy production, and nutrient assimilation. Together, these natural ingredients strengthen roots, enhance growth, and increase yields for your garden.

Prevent Bacteria and Fungi
Less Buildup

Extend the lifespan of your hydroponic equipment by converting dirt buildup into reusable nutrients. Our grow medium conditioners enhance planting efficiency, reduce labor, protect water distribution equipment, and maintain cleanliness in the root zone for healthier roots.

Prevent fungal spores and bacteria with OXY ROOT, a highly effective disinfectant for inhibiting fungal spore and bacterial growth in hydroponic systems, on plant surfaces, and leaves. It is safe for both plants and humans, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a clean and healthy growing environment. Additionally, it helps reduce harmful pathogens, ensuring your plants remain vibrant and disease-free.


Accelerate Fruit Ripening
and Increase Sweetness